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The Wink Murderer 
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New novel 'The Wink Murderer'. Now available on Amazon and http://www.worldcastlepublishing.com/author_lexie_hancock.html Check it out!


 Enemies Of The Dark
Dark Love
 Dark Games
Dark Solutions
Dark Reunion
Keller is not your normal teenager, she was born a vampire. Her world is turned upside down when she finds herself in a new home, with a new step dad and brother. Her new step brother Acelyn, is amazingly good looking but could also be the death of her. He and his friends, Cameron and Jeremy, are Spies (vampire and werewolf hunters).
With her best friend Ben by her side she must try to make her new family and get along with the enemy. Unfortunately she finds that her new brother and his friends are not the only threat to her, as she battles an old foe from school, new enemies in the form of werewolves, and a mysterious stranger who threatens her in her dreams.
Keller must decide who are friends and who are enemies as she survives hunts, battles, kidnapping and her mothers cooking. Her dreams haunt her and her head can sometimes be overcrowded but finding her soulmate provides the biggest surprise of her 15 years of life.

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