Lexie Hancock - Author
About Lexie
At the age of 13 Lexie started writing Enemies of the Dark: Dark Love. Approximately 2 months later, just before her 14th birthday, the book was complete and she started the sequel, Dark Games. By age 15 she had 2 more books to complete the series.
Her first book launch was held at the Fort Erie Public Library on 6 August 2011. It was a wonderful turnout and a big success. Subsequent TV and press publicity has been great and Lexie will ever be grateful to Amy Roebuck at the Library for helping her launch her writing career

The First book in her new series was picked up and published by Worldcastle Publishing and is now available.
Lexie grew up in small town Ontario. She loves community involvement, baseball, rugby, drawing and music, and is very active in the writing and Best buddies. She plays guitar and sings. 
Lexie also has a poem published in the Poetry Institute of Canada, Young Writers Of Canada book, The Treasure Ship, A Poetic Landscape. Lexie's poem 'Nightmares' was a finalist in their annual contest 2009.
Lexie is now in her forth year at University of Windsor, studying Forensic Science, Criminology and minoring in Math. She recently published 2 children's book 'Emily Fox Makes Friends' and 'Micah the Pirate' on Lulu.com. The book is illustrated by her good friend Nicole Toth. Available on Amazon and other online stores.

Lexie has several more books competed and is working on having them published.

The Enemies of the Dark Series is not avaiable at present.



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